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Llandovery Town Council
Llandovery Town CouncilTuesday, August 21st, 2018 at 2:33am
From the Mayor - Update on Traffic Management: South Wales Trunk Road Agency are aware of the long queues in town and that residents are understandably concerned. In response to particular concerns raised... 1. Manning of the lights - the lights are managed by Forest Traffic Management and there are 2 people on site who are, as part of the contract, supposed to be manning them, at least at peak times. This is being investigated. 2. Timing of the works - it was considered that getting the works over and done with as soon as possible and in the dryer season would mean that they would take less time overall. 3. Working at night - SWTRA do not normally do this as it causes other problems e.g. noise for residents. 4. One-way diversion on New Road / Stone Street - SWTRA only have the power to divert trunk road traffic onto other trunk roads. If they did that in this case, it would create such a long diversion, people would inevitably ignore it. SWTRA can't stop local people choosing to use local streets but in their experience the large lorries will generally stick to the trunk road.

In addition, diverting traffic down Stone Street would, I would believe, require the suspension of all or most parking and would be damaging to businesses there. The geography of Llandovery means that there is no good diversion for all types of traffic, and manned traffic lights are considered the safest measure. The Town Council is doing everything it can to monitor what is going on and to pass on concerns raised promptly to SWTRA. Once again, any immediate problems should be directed to the Supervising Engineer on 07833 400 969. Many thanks, Annabel